SEILER & SEILER specializes in urban development and strategic urban planning tasks. We are experts of complex planning processes, whether for comprehensive development concepts or staged implementations of planning projects in the form of master plans. We develop innovative planning tools such as the Smart 3D City Models or Wizards, which are already successfully used in established processes.


Get a decision making basis for planning processes as quickly and comprehensively as never seen before. The models produced by urban modeling are as vivid as conventional city models. However, they are dynamic and can be updated in real time. We combine urban modeling seamlessly with established processes such as development plans and master plans in order to accelerate development. The Smart 3D City Models, a planning tool developed by SEILER & SEILER, forms the basis for this.

URBAN MODELING for efficient planning processes. More


Development concepts bring new ideas for areas, neighborhoods or districts. They provide property owners, architects, developers and authorities a decision making basis to launch a longer-term development. We design visions, scenarios or concepts from participatory processes or directly from the desktop in close coordination with the client.

QUICK URBAN IDEA for rapid decision making. More
URBAN OPTIMIZATION for higher-quality construction projects. More


Spatial data are an indispensable basis for supporting strategic decisions. They help companies, developers and authorities with an overview of complex point of departures and derive strategic objectives. We are experts in spatial analysis and answer questions about the state of development and the contexts of spatial patterns. SEILER & SEILER develops Wizards, GIS-based planning tools for more efficient analysis of spatial data.

WIZARDS for more efficient analysis of spatial data. More


Master plans point to a gradual implementation of development concepts and ideas. They guide landowners, developers and authorities to strategic objectives. We show what concrete steps are necessary and take over tasks from project management to the creation of special land use plans and master plans.